In today's mass produced world, it is truly exhilarating to use something handcrafted exclusively for you. Peter Mooney combines the finest materials and decades of experience to produce bicycle frames that perform and appeal second to none.

Signature Frames

Price: $3250.00


  • Custom Fitting
  • Solid color liquid paint finish
  • Columbus Carbon Fork*

* ENVE Carbon or Peter Mooney Steel Forks at additional cost.

Peter designs and builds bicycle frames tailored to your body dimensions, fitness and flexibility, in addition to the bicycle's intended use. Frame design can also allow for an "evolving fit" as your levels of fitness and flexibility change with experience and mileage.

The combination of the optimal geometry, correctly selected steel tubing, and precision alignment truly make the bicycle an extension of the rider. This recipe allows you to "think" the bike through its paces as it responds to subtle weight shifts while the upper body remains loose and relaxed.

"Ride-ability" is the prime reason to buy a Signature frame, but don't overlook the fun you will have choosing lugs and paint! The lugged frame medium lends itself to artistic statement. Hand-cut lugs, crown and metal work, in addition to endless paint options, produce a ride-able sculpture you'll take pride in for years to come.

Signature frames are fitted, designed, built and finished by Peter Mooney. The only work entrusted to another is paint. In this "throw away" world it's a rare treat to own something so highly functional and artfully crafted. A Signature frame, based on rider input and Peter's expertise, promises to be your frame for a lifetime.

Why Lugged Steel?

In an age of welded joints and high tech materials, why continue building frames using this old -fashioned method?  Peter explains:

The price of a high quality lug set, bottom bracket and fork crown can be close to the price of the entire tube set. It’s no wonder so many frame builders have chosen welding as a replacement. Lugs reinforce high wear areas on a frame. They provide an extra thickness where headset cups and seatpost clamps can distort thin walled tubes or require the use of thicker, heavier tubing. Lugs can also facilitate easier tube replacement and repairs, should they be necessary. And practicality aside, lugs unquestionably add much to the beauty of your bicycle. All in all, I continue using steel for its smooth road handling personality, and lugs for their aesthetic charm. The finished result is one I take great pride in and trust you will too.

Peter Mooney frames have always been constructed from the highest quality, bicycle specific, steel tubing stock. Suppliers include: Dedacciai, Columbus and Reynolds. Tubing is bonded with bronze or silver, using hand-finished lugs or filet-brazed joints.