Just a quick word from Santa Barbara to say that I am super-satisfied with the bike you built me. The work we did on refining my position has improved the handling over my carbon fiber frame. Finally having a long enough top tube without an overly long head tube really improved my sense of control and confidence when descending the long rough mountain passes we have out here.

The highest praise I could give the bike is that I hardly think about it all when riding, which gives me a clear head to enjoy the mountain views, appreciate the local bird songs, and grab the occasional town line sprint. Right tool for the job, durable, and looks very sharp…
— Peter H.
Over the past 15 years and many thousands of miles riding bikes built by Peter Mooney, a great sense of enjoyment and satisfaction has evolved. The first fair-weather bike lead to a second full-fender all-season version that still looks good in spite of the New England salty winter roads.

With my 65th birthday approaching, a quandary arose: do I try to beat the devil of aging with an expensive carbon bike, or let the enjoyment and satisfaction of steel continue to evolve? While it is always exciting to get a new custom bike, a worrisome thought is ever present: “will it look and ride like my dream bike?” Peter was very open and supportive throughout my soul searching. What evolved was a very lightweight steel frame with a carbon fork and a drivetrain that would suit my future riding style. Peter made the process enjoyable; his goal is always to build a bike that “is just for you”.
— Don M.
I have been riding a Peter Mooney frame for 23 years and my wife has for over 30. I have no idea how many miles we have ridden or how many times we could have crisscrossed the country but it is a lot of miles in every imaginable condition. Frame materials come and go but I can say that the quality of the ride and enjoyment of these steel bikes is a constant!
— Peter B.
I had my first ride yesterday on my new bike. I absolutely love it – fits like a glove! And, it is just beautiful. Rave reviews from everyone in Las Vegas; several said it needs to be hanging on a wall, not on the road. A nice complement but that would sort of defeat the purpose, huh?
— Lance W.
I’ve got two fixed gear frames from Peter. The first is a road geometry that I have used with brakes for winter training and commuting for 15 years. It is a great bike and a joy to ride. In the last few years I have set it up without brakes and used it as my warm up bike for track racing with an 86 inch gear. It is also simply beautiful and crafted wonderfully. As a one time steel frame brazer, I can say that Peter’s craftsmanship is superb.

A few years ago, I decided to switch my main track racing bike to one Peter’s steel frames. He built me a stunning black frame with polished SS lugs. Set up with all Japanese Keirin parts, the bicycle is stiff, responsive, and stunning. More importantly, we worked the geometry so that the frame can enter the final turns of a sprint at full bore power hugging the blue line. A lot of ‘track’ frames will want to drift high under those circumstances. Suffice it to say, the frame won the 2012 NE Masters Match Sprint Championship. I was glad to be on board at the time.
— John L.
Thank you ever so much for this lovely living masterwork.

It’s quicker and more responsive than anticipated
It carves corners seemingly “by thought”.
It’s a rock solid descender...dependable and well mannered.
The ride is livelier and sprightlier that anticipated. It’s almost as though I’m riding plush 25s instead of the 23s I am actually riding.
It’s wonderfully comfortable. After riding “high zoot” carbon forked aluminum and Ti for the past 10 years, I’d forgotten how terrific a well fitting steel bike can feel.
It’s so pretty! The lug work and finish are flawless and the proportions are perfect. I keep getting compliments...
— Pete H.
I have ridden this bike in the Race Across America, Boston-Montreal-Boston, local time trials and out on casual rides, and it is just what I expected it to be. I could use words like comfortable, responsive and predictable, but probably the best description and the highest compliment one can give of a custom-made frame is that it is indeed, me
— Ed Kross
I just wanted to send you this note to let you know how much I am enjoying my new bike! I have only put around 800 miles on it so far but let me tell you Peter, this bike is absolutely fantastic. It is so comfortable that I don’t want to get off of it. The miles slip by effortlessly!! I think this bike is actually teaching me to be a better rider. It corners like a hot knife going through butter and climbs phenomenally. I have received numerous compliments on its appearance.(and more than one jealous look!)

I just want to say thank you for such a beautiful machine that brings a great big smile to my face every time I am in the saddle.
— Bill
Why, oh why, did I wait 25 years to do this? I was never able to imagine why I’d want to ride anything besides my old Raleigh Pro. Now I know why. This bike is everything I wanted—even though I didn’t even know what I was missing before. Besides being a breathtaking piece of art, it is an amazing piece of machinery. The first time I rode it I was startled by the smoothness and the ease of the ride—it felt like a tailwind no matter what direction I went.

Anyway, I’m still getting to know my bike, but I didn’t want to let another week go by without thanking you again for building such a great bike for me.
— David
Back to the main thing, the bike! Again, I love it. Rather than bleat about unquantifiable properties like liveliness and predictability, I’ll say that it’s even more than I hoped it would be. I’ve used top-flight equipment in a number of activities, such as ski-racing, so I have some sense of the difference between a good machine and an extraordinary one. There’s a bigger gap between good bikes and your bike than there is between the top and the very top in any field I’ve worked in.

Most importantly, cycling is fun again. Part of it is that I’m no longer fighting an abrupt and punishing frame, but even more, your bike seems to remove everything extraneous and leave the plain activity itself. It’s a wonderfully simple thing, taking your bike outside and going for a ride. I get my shorts and my shoes on, carry the bike downstairs, and an hour later I’m whistling along some road I’ve never been on before in Wayland or Concord, glad to be there, and glad you’ve made it possible to experience things in just this way. Wonderful.
— Michael
I hate to patronize, but I must commend you on a frame well built, and that has stood the test of time in the last 17-18 years of “spring” training rides that always seem to last from October through May!
— George
After about 4.000 miles this season, I thought I’d tell you how much I’m enjoying my bicycle. Aside from the kind of thing you’ve probably heard a lot - that it’s very comfortable and handles beautifully - I’ve found that it’s actually teaching me how to ride better, an unexpected gift.

Besides workin’ good, the bike is, of course, beautiful & attracts favorable comments from other riders and a lot of ‘I’m planning to make my next bike a Mooney’. I hope they all do.
— David
I love my new Peter Mooney. It took me about five seconds to figure out that it is beautiful - the paint suggestion was excellent - and only a little longer to admire the care with which it was put together. The filing and brazing are impeccable; I’m glad I got it bare frame so I could look inside the BB and the head tube and see unpainted brass and steel. I suspect that the guy next door who recently got a Waterford is somewhat jealous.

The fellow who built the frame up for me also had much to say about its quality, noting that it was the finest frame he has ever worked with - and that includes just about everything ever made in Italy and plenty of U.S. custom frames (Admittedly, he was particularly smitten with the fact that he could thread all the parts in by hand without cleaning a thread).

The first ride was something of a surprise. I expected to spend mile after mile in revelation. That happened for only the first few hundred yards, during which I was acutely aware of how fine it felt. Then, almost without noticing, ten miles had gone by. There was no acclimation time; the bike was just there doing whatever was asked of it, fitting like a glove.

Since then I’ve had a few hundred miles to appreciate other aspects. This is far and away the most pleasant bicycle to corner that I have ever ridden. To be honest, it’s the first one I enjoy cornering. And that’s coming from a former motorcycle roadracer. The size and geometry are exactly right for me. My longest ride on it has been only 50 miles so far, but I enjoyed not feeling that sensation of being ready to get off the bike. I keep looking for side tracks to add miles to my routes.
— David